Thursday, November 11, 2010

Song to Vogir

Your post inspired me to poetry:

Vogir was the one,
--- who boldly jumped, the broken bridge
Vogir was the one,
--- who shot and killed, the Hippogryff
Vogir was the one,
--- who grievously injured, the Shooting Fish

Sing to Vogir, Striker pure
Sing to Vogir, Our Saviour sure

Vogir was the one,
--- when the horse-cum-bird, came screeching down
Vogir it left prone,
--- but he ran it through, and stood up proud
Vogir was the one,
--- who bow in hand, vanquished all

Sing to Vogir, brave Defender
Sing to Vogir, Ego as Fender

In the battle,
--- the brave and foolish fall ,
The cowardly die,
--- but Vogir stands tall

Sing to Vogir, stout hearted fellow
Sing to Vogir, all colours but yellow.


  1. Vogir left Winterhaven.
    When attacked, his cowardice was brazen.
    The hippgriff bit,
    The hippogroff clawed,
    But our 'hero' was merely shaven.

  2. I can see Vogir's got two years of Mendez to live down.

  3. It was of course a paraphrase of Kirk's email, but I felt it was close enough to poetry to be entombed in aspic (i.e. put on the public internet).

    PS - Love the limerick Scott!

    All this makes me miss Peter-Paul!

  4. Has to change last chorus as it was a bit weak ;)

    Next step is to write the music.

    And then, the musical!

  5. 'Ego as Fender.'
    'All colours but yellow.'


  6. A shifty young guy from Highmarsh
    Thought the dragon a tiny bit harsh
    He picked up a sword
    but that made him bored
    With a bow he could aim for the stars