Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The view from Lakeport

+When is she due to return?+

Shathys slowly turned away from the view of the sun setting over Lakeport. While his skin was not suited for the brightness of the sun, the dazzling array of colours that it brought, was a sensation to be savoured. That it could turn even such a wretched shanty-town as Lakeport into such a spectacle, would never cease to amaze him. The sting of its burn, well, that could only serve to remind him of his continued existence.

-Don't worry, Lord Skreek, my Katryn has never failed to deliver on a deal, yet. She will be back at the usual time, with the last batch of cargo, and then we can go on our way .

Shathys turned to the shadows that enveloped his employer. While he was aware that the other creatures in its employ would not look directly at Lord Skreek out of respect, he couldn't care less. He was not of this place, and would not bow to their ridiculous superstitions. Lord Skreek seemed like a creature of flesh and blood, no matter how unsettling his voice could seem.

+I hope so, Shathys. My associates will be pleased with these children. The method of the mad Pandit has been unlocked, and we can now rule in the open.+

Shathys waited for a second before answering letting the melodic sound of Skreek's voice die away before he broke the silence again.

-I am happy to be of service My Lord. We hope that on your return to New Seawell, you will recommend our services to your peers. I suspect that your people will continue to have a need of trustworthy mercenaries in the foreseeable future, particularly those with a modicum of discretion...

Shathys felt the hairs at the back of his neck stand up as he heard the giggle from the shadows.

+We have rewarded you in accordance with our contract, Shathys. I do not require your presence at the moment. Go to the kobolds and make sure that they have fed the human children. We will await the return of your mate.+

Shathys obeyed instantly, turning and reaching for the ladder before he even realised what he was doing. If only Katryn was here, he should have gone with her to the temple to pick up the last children. He thought back to their parting only a few hours ago. She had laughed at him when he suggested he return with her, told him that his worrying was unbecoming one of the chosen, but he had seen the dark tendrils of the world of shadow enveloping her as she strode into the swamp.

He shrugged, climbing the ladder. No matter what happened, there would only be two outcomes, either she survived, strengthened by the dangers she faced, or she died, allowing him the luxury of exquisite grief. It was all just an experience, in the end.

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