Friday, May 28, 2010

Enlightened Altruism

The vaporous Necrotic creature dissipates in the hiss and mist of the evaporating Holy water.
It was a desperate gamble that Vogir had thought doomed to failure.
Still, it had worked and as he’d hoped the mindless zombies, without a controlling force, had instantly lost all sense of purpose.
Some collapsed where they stood, while others shuffled back to where they’d come.
Looking around, Vogir struggles to rationalise his own recent behaviour.
Although, initially just trying to save the young Wizard: Zahig, he’d actually gone out of his way to help Ganash and the other monsters.
He was even grateful for Bayern’s support.
True, he’d fought to save his own skin, but he had to admit a grudging feeling of respect.
As for the others…
The buffoonish new Dragon-born arrival seems to be an embarrassment to the heroic Ganash and the Fey ‘tourist’ still leaves a feeling of unease deep in his stomach.

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