Thursday, November 3, 2011

All of the treasure from the Vedics...

Listed below is ALL the magical treasure from my last adventure.
Some of it may have been taken by some of you already.
Please have a look through and list all the items you've already taken or want...
Everything left behind automatically defaults to Vogir.

Armour and shields…

Chainmail +3 Formidable Lvl: 14 21,000gp. Taken by Orestes
Black Iron armour +3 (Scale) Lvl: 14 21,000gp Taken by Ghanash
Battle forged plate mail +3 Lvl: 15 (25,000) Taken by Dokan
Stoneskin robes +3 Lvl: 13 (17,000)

Bashing shield (Daily… Lvl: 5 1,000gp Taken by Ghanash


Poisoned Longsword +3 Lvl: 15 25,000gp Taken by Orestes
Battle-axe +3 (Frightful) Lvl: 12 (13,000) Taken by Ghanash
Shortsword +2 Berserkery 5,000gp Taken by Orestes
2 x Maces of Aftershock +1 Lvl: 2 520gp

A Crossbow +2 of Thundering. 3,400gp Taken by Dokan
22 x Spider (Crossbow) Bolts +1 Lvl: 3 (30each)

Neck slot items…

Frostwolf pelt +2 Lvl: 9 4,200gp Argued over by Indigo and Rudha-an
Cloak of Resistance +1 Lvl: 2 520gp

Waist slot items…

Iron skin belt Lvl: 15 (25,000)
Belt of Giant strength Lvl: 15 25,000gp. Argued over by Dokan and Ghanash

Feet slot items…

Dwarven greaves Lvl: 7 (2,600)

Hand slot items…

Holy gauntlets Lvl: 8 (3,400) Taken by Dokan

Head slot items…

Helm of battle Lvl: 9 (4,200)


Pure spirit totem +3 Lvl: 15 25,000gp Taken by Rudha-an

Finger slot items…

Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor Lvl:15 25,000gp Argued over by Ghanash and Idigo


5 x Potion of Alchemists fire: lvl: 6 75gp 1 taken by Dokan
20 x Potion of Alchemist’s acid Lvl: 6 75gp 4 taken by Dokan
13 x Potion of healing Lvl: 2 50gp 2 taken by Dokan
5 x Potion of vitality Lvl: 15 1000gp 1 taken by Dokan


Scroll of Water breathing Lvl: 8 680gp
Scroll of Knock Lvl: 4 175gp
Scroll of Raise dead Lvl: 8 680gp
Scroll of Cure disease Lvl: 6 360gp
1 taken by Dokan
Scroll of Hallucinatory creature Lvl: 8 2,600gp 1 taken by Dokan
Scroll of Magic circle Lvl: 5 250gp

Wondrous items…

Battle standard of might Lvl: 4 840gp Taken by Dokan
Darkskull Lvl: 9 4,200gp Taken by Dokan
AND... The Shield brooch of Robot command!


  1. Dokan (in previous session) already took:

    Battle Forged Plate +3
    Crossbow of Thundering
    Holy Gauntlets

    from the last adventure he is interested in Belt of Giant strength, Battle Standard, and a bunch of potions and scrolls as mentioned on my other post

  2. Ghanash would like:
    The Dragonborn Ring
    The Black Iron Scale
    The Frightful Battleaxe
    The Belt of Giant Strength

    He realizes he is being greedy, but his alter-ego is far to busy to care.

  3. OK, some items gone, some still unclaimed and some being argued over...

    The Dragonborn Emperor ring is being argued over by Ghanash and Indigo.

    The Frostwolf pelt is being argued over by Rudha-an and Indigo.

    The Crossbow of Thundering is being argued over by Ghanash and Dokan.

  4. I think Ghanash and Dokan are arguing over the Belt of Giant Strength - not the Crossbow which Dokan already took and Ghanash didn't stake a claim to.

    The Belt I now realise doesn't add to strength like the old days - it improves athletics skill checks and also adds damage on crit.
    Would be v. useful to Dokan indeed,

  5. OK, so Dokan has taken the Crossbow. He's actually taken quite a lot!

    As for the belts, Dokan has requested both the 'Iron skin belt' AND the 'belt of Giant Strength'.

  6. I think there was a post where I said I took the Greaves but I think someone else actually argued it and took them instead.

    Also - I wasn't aware I'd taken either belt. Still not sure what the iron belt does but I'd rather have the Giant Str one ... So Dokan hasn't taken the Ironskin belt and argues over the Giant one with Ghanash and others

  7. This illustrates my point exactly. In the old campaign, one Elven cloak would be given out and suddenly three members of the Party had one.

    Maybe in the future, we should give one item out at a time in 'real' game play and actually argue over it?