Monday, November 28, 2011

Deliver us from Egil

Whilst nursing their injuries and recounting the more and more exaggerated stories of the sea monster they’d killed, the Party find themselves in a temporary calm.
Those that knew Egil, feel a deeper understanding of their stoic ex-kinsman.
They all want to be gone from this freezing, barren place; Egil’s homeland, but they are forced to wait until they hear more news about the sea monsters driving away all the herring.
Ghanash however finds himself fascinated by the hardship these humans endure and yet complain little, if at all. The Humans he had known up until this point, even the ‘heroic’ ones seem to whine about most everything.
Dokan wastes no time in discovering the local vendor of magical trinkets. He is invited by the grey and hunched Roald to come by his shoppe the next morning.
The local Lord is also entertaining one of the neighboring nobles: Vidar. A large and bearded blond man, dressed entirely in black. He’s well into his middle-years but he still stands tall and broad.
Rodha-an is content to drink and eat the free food supplied by the grateful locals. He does win the confidence of the Innkeeper though. Linnea likes a man with a good appetite, and it seems to her that the Shaman could do with putting on a few pounds.
Indigo is absent a lot of the time. He has discovered the library of the town leaders and spends his free time buried in the ancient tomes.
Vogir however seems to literarily have disappeared. No-one’s seen him in days.


  1. Don't worry. Vogir will be back - considerably richer than before and with shiny new magic ;)
    Looking forward to some goblin-smashing tonight.
    I'll try not to die.