Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The old disappearing trick(ster)

Watching his men clumsily unpack his merchandise, Rhold shouts at them to be careful.
He hadn’t planned this move, but after those adventures had the audacity to, not only survive, but to drive the Hobgoblins out of the territory, he felt it wise.
Suddenly the brass bell over the door jingles. The large and imposing Lord Vidar enters and strides over to the counter.
‘Is everything to your satisfaction?’ he asks.
Stifling his temper, Rhold forces a smile. ‘Yes, thank you Lord Vidar’.
Lord Vidar had organised for Rhold, his bodyguard Eyulf and his men to travel in the night from his original shoppe to a new one here in his own town. It had cost Rhold much in magic and gold.
What was the alternative though? Those adventurers would certainly have killed him as soon as they’d discovered he’d bribed his way out of jail.
Lord Vidar places both hands on the stone counter and leans forward. ‘Now… About the rental costs’.
Rhold looks up. ‘What? That wasn’t part of the deal! Haven’t I paid you enough already?'.
Lord Vidar smiles cruelly. ‘I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further’.

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