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Summation of the 4th Edition story so far…

The whole universe was in a hot dense state…
No wait, too far back…

It’s been a hundred years since Eolar, Bodush et al. were killed by Mendez’ father Estaban and family.

The deity like demon ‘Zartak’ and the ancient Blue Dragoness ‘Thereanthor’ at first co-operated in dividing up the northern continent but then went to war against each other.
Surprisingly the Dragon was victorious, driving the demon back down to the lower levels of Hell and imprisonment.

Almost the entire land is now under the Dragon’s iron claw, with only the outlying settlements free of her rule and heavy taxes.

The initial Party that meet-in-a-tavern at Highmarsh, consisted of:

Daelagor, an Eladrin Assassin.
Zahig, a young Human Wizard.
Ghanash, a Dragon-born Warlord.
Bayern, a Dwarven Cleric.
And Vogir, a Human Racist.

Adventure One: (DM'd by Dag)

Kill a small Goblin mob that are attacking the outlying settlements.
This ‘easy’ mission soon turned into a horrible ongoing battle with a group of death worshipers and the meeting of:

Argent. A buffoonish Dragon-born Barbarian.

The group finally traced the children to a strange mechanical ship and the mastermind behind everything…
A strange, mute, giant Hamster creature forced to speak through the mouth of a surgically altered Human boy.

Adventure Two: (DM'd by Scott)

After successfully completing their mission, the Party is asked by one of the local historians, to map out a ruined keep in Winterhaven near the Shadowfell. (An area contaminated by an old evil.)

Ghanash takes some time off but is quickly replaced by Egil, a Human Paladin of Kord from the frozen South.

The overconfident Party soon find themselves battling hordes of Kobolds, led by the infamous ‘Iron tooth’.
The Barbarian Argent is killed and most everyone else goes down. Only for the Eladrin Daelagor and the Human boy wizard, Zahig to save the day.

Soon after the Party are confronted with Daelagor’s cousin. Velorian, an Eladrin warrior/wizard. Just as conceited but with a mission to protect his noble relative.

Another adventurer joins them as well.
Rudha-an. A freakishly thin, tall and possibly evil Human Shaman.

The Party then find themselves facing a well-organised band of hobgoblins and yet more death cultists.

During an epic battle, Vogir the racist ‘accidentally’ drops Daelagor the Eladrin headfirst into a burning oil pit from fifty feet up, where he’s unfortunately slaughtered by powerful undead creatures.

The rest of the Party are soon up to their necks in trouble and before they were able to claim victory and seal the portal, the overly brave Paladin Egil is also pulled into a dark dimensional void by a horrific, tentacled creature and lost forever.

Adventure Three: (DM'd by Assif)

Realising that, despite Ghanash’s reappearance, they need additional support up front, the Party recruit Orestes, a well armed and well armoured half-orc meat-shield.
Also, the semi-naked Tiefling woman Niema asks to travel with them in exchange for her ‘special’ skills.
This is lucky, as the young human boy Zahig decides it is time he went back to the relative safety of innkeeping.

The Party’s next adventure takes them to the dwarven lands and specifically, to ‘Stonefang pass’ a massive dwarven mountain stronghold.
On their journey they encounter falling rocks, monster archerfish and flying Hippogryphs.
Inside they encounter giant spiders, orcs and the remnants of the warring dwarf factions.

Niema reveals more and more of her dark powers whilst maintaining a façade of innocence.
Velorian becomes suicidal in the face of his failure to protect his noble cousin.

After helping the dwarves battle the orc invaders and gather up all the sacred artifacts, the Party realise why the mountain shakes so much.
A captured earth titan is attempting to escape, his mystical prison weakened by the removal of those self-same sacred artifacts.
After a terrifying battle, the Party manage to defeat it and only then because it was already crippled.

It is at this point, the stalwart dwarf Bayern decides to stay with his own people. A terrible loss to the Party. Velorian also decides to return to the Feylands and face his queen and aunts wrath.

Adventure Four: (DM'd by Sven)

After that, the Party traveled back north to the woods of Rottingham. The Tiefling Niema also took some time off, only to be replaced by another, if much more honest a Tiefling: Dokan. Another paladin of Kord.

They are approached by a dark robed human called Indigo, who enlists their help to fight a local bandit called Rob Inwood.
He is drawing to much attention from the Dragon’s men and endangering the real resistance.
After several minor conflicts, the Party agree to help the authorities in their attack and manage to kill Rob Inwood, along with several of his key men.

Adventure Five: (DM'd by Kirk)

Vogir disappears one night, leaving the others to stay behind to help train the resistance.
They get a message from him about a month later inviting them down to Gon Dulat and then onto the Gnomish hamlet of Finklestone. Indigo the ninja lawyer decides to stay behind.
There, they are asked by the gnome farmers to go to Snaefang mountain to help Vogir rescue their stolen children.
During their journey there, a traveling gnomish psychic called Lukas asks to accompany them on their mission.

The mountain turned out to be run by the very creatures encountered by Ghanash a year or so earlier. They were kidnapping human children to experiment on and enslave. They were also ‘recruiting’ gnomish children to educate and place back into the position of power they held millennia before.

Somewhere along the tunnels Niema disappears forever. Lukas stays with the young gnomes to ‘help’ them re-establish order within the mountain.

Adventure Six: (DM'd by Dag)

On returning to Gon Dulat, the Party are hunted out by Indigo and then approached by an agent of Kord.
Somehow, miraculously, Egil's sword had appeared in their temple. The priests request that the Party transport it back to his family in the frigid south.
Once there, they are asked by the locals to kill a sea-serpent. Which they successfully do, but they fail to kill whatever was controlling it.

Adventure Seven: (DM'd by Kirk)

While waiting for further attacks, Vogir disappears but the remainder of the Party are hired by a local wizard to kill a group of goblins. The Party go but soon discover that they’ve been tricked. Still they manage to overcome the much larger force than they’d anticipated and made it back to Egil’s village.

Back to Adventure Six… (DM'd by Dag)

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