Monday, June 18, 2012

Two in the (Am)bush

It’s the very next night when Vogir hears the lock of his door in the Inn being picked. Rolling out of bed, Vogir slinks over to it and hides in the darkness.
Instantly after the ‘click’ of success, two warriors rush in and stab at the bed.
By the time they realise their mistake, the lock-pick is staring goggle-eyed at the two swords sticking through his stomach.
The two warriors aren’t novices though and work together in their attempts to kill their unarmoured target. Vogir’s too quick through and weirdly hard to focus on in the darkened room.
The second warrior doesn’t have time to register his partner falling before he too collapses from his wounds.
After wiping the blood from his blade, Vogir checks the men’s faces. He recognizes both of the warriors as guards from his earlier visit to Lord Rician’s manor house.
Straightening up, Vogir smiles.
Initially he’d been suspicious of the Dragon’s true identity.
After his meeting with Lord Rician, he had been almost certain.
After this attack though, he was positive.
Now he can move on with his plan without any lingering doubts.

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