Friday, June 29, 2012

A level two specialist!

So, since we might actually continue this, I (Dag) have calculated xp:

So far you have found:

400gps worth of cash and minor jewels - clerk and tentaclechild house
Brass Mechanism
A Silver (possibly magical) dagger
Beautiful jewels and gold of Dwarven craftmanship (Possibly worth 3000gp)

As for XP:

Thrum has 420 xp
Shalom has 1252.5 xp
Barbossa has 1252.5 xp
Stirge has 1252.5 xp
Bjorn has 1252.5 xp

Stirge gains a level and is now a level 2 specialist, he gets two dots to distribute on skills and gets to roll a d6 for hitpoints.

This is most definitely going to protect him against the stuff that lurks in the towers. Lucky him.

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