Thursday, August 16, 2012

It’s 'cause I’m black init?

A clanking bell signals that one of their traps has caught its prey.
Another half-witted orc has fallen into one of the many covered pits.
Stretching out his hand to one of his human underlings, the black, dragon-born: Mallyx is heaved to his armoured feet.
Curiously, the bell continues to toll and Mallyx waves to his teammates to come with him.
As he approaches the clearing, he sees, not an orc in a trap but a well armoured Tiefling, standing beside the, still covered, pit. 
He's deliberately sounding the bell!
‘I know you’ Mallyx grunts.
‘You’re one of the would be rescuers from Fewham’.
The two warriors size each other up.
Dokan is tough and well equipped and Mallyx licks his lipless teeth.
Dokan may be tough but he is also alone.
‘Nice sword. If you give it to me, I’ll allow you to leave’.
Despite his seemingly vulnerable position, Dokan refuses and Mallyx sends the human gladiator forward.
After just a few steps however, the gladiator screams in pain. A knife embedded deep into his thigh.
‘It’s a trap!’ he shouts as the Halfling: Charlie Stilton reveals himself.
Suddenly all hell breaks loose. What seemed to be three against one, turns out to be three against three as the tiny Zavia 'attacks' from the trees above.
Still, the Black dragon-born, supported by the male, human warrior and a female, human sorceress, seems confident.
He remains confident until the little gnomish illusionist: Zavia tricks him into stepping onto his own, concealed pit trap.
Down he goes, soon followed by his two humans.
Once at the bottom of the spiked pit, it is only a matter of time before Dokan and Charlie Stilton finish them off with crossbow bolts and thrown daggers.

 On the bodies, other than a few mundane items, you find the following:

(EDITED to show who has taken what so far. This session included Zavia, Charlie, Dokan only.  They get first dibs but will present remaining items to the group before selling them.)
(PS - I arbitrarily allocated THESE items)
A Horned helm: Lvl:16 45,000gp - Dokan

A Heavy Shield of deflection: 5 res Lvl:12 13,000gp - Dokan

A Light shield of recoil Lvl: 9 4,200gp

A Bastard sword of terror +4 lvl:19 105,000gp

A Battle master’s Broadsword +4. Lvl: 19 105,000gp - Dokan

A suit of Troll skin armour +3 (Scale) Lvl:15 25,000gp

A suit of Resistance armour +4 (Lightning 10) Scale Lvl:17 65,000gp - Dokan

A Robe of eyes +3  Lvl: 12 13,000gp - Zavia

A Crossbow of quickness +3 Lvl: 13 17,000gp - Charlie

A Ring of protection Lvl:17 65,000gp - Charlie Stilton

A Safe wing amulet +4 Lvl:18 85,000gp - Zavia

Hero's Gauntlets Lvl: 17 65,000gp - Charlie

After a more widely spread search you find several more pit traps and their base camp.

There are three tents, two horses and a wagon. The wagon filled up with at least a hundred severed orc heads. Their bodies lie in a burnt pile of bones and ash and the smell of pork hangs heavy in the air.

You find spare clothes, camping gear and some money.

340 low quality diamonds worth about 50gp each (17,000gp)

152gp, 44sp, 113 diamonds each (remainder 2gp, 1 diamond)
We ask Zavia if she has space for the rest of the stuff in her Bag of holding


  1. *jaw drops, gnomish eyes glint.. all of them.. on the pilfered robe*

  2. I know; I'm super generous!
    And there's much more to come!

  3. Mmm - bit late now, but we didn't split this stuff up properly.
    I'm guessing Dokan can't use much of this, but he may take the resitance shield.
    Possibly also the scale armour (might actually weaken his AC, but the lightning resistance could be handy)
    I think Charlie "got" the ring anyway :S
    Don't know what the horned helm is??

  4. OK - bit more of a definite decision here.
    Dokan will take (unless objections are lodged):
    The armor of resistance.
    Battlemaster Broadsword
    Horned helm

    and if no one wants it
    Quick crossbow

  5. Note - I have edited this post to show allocations so far