Wednesday, August 8, 2012

He thinks it’s all over…

Sitting in the anti-chamber between his office and his private rooms, Lord Rician sighs with relief.
A servant tends to the gash to his neck but it isn’t serious. He had been lucky…
Two of his guards lie dead on the floor of his office as well as one of his most trusted clerks.
Those two adventurers had also swindled him out of 2,400gp worth of gems…
In fairness, it had been he who had swindled them in the first place. He’d known that they would baulk when confronted by a young dragon rather than a young woman.
He had also known that she’d probably have to save herself at that point. A task that was easily in her power. There isn’t much that can stop a dragon.
Still, he’d settled the matter with the adventurers and could finally relax.
Ordering one of the clerks nearby to fetch a quill and some paper, Lord Rician prepares to write the commiseration letters to the families of the dead.

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