Monday, October 1, 2012

Head held high

Zavia hums as she slices through the skin and tough tendons holding the dead Morten’s head in place.
It takes her a while but eventually she’s able to remove it completely and skewer the bloody mess onto the magical spear that was recently used to poison her orcish teammate.
Hoisting it up, she plants the pole into the soft earth outside their tent and smiling, heads back inside.
After a few minutes, Charlie Stilton wisely replaces the extremely valuable magical spear with a mundane but serviceable one he found lying around.

Treasure found:

Spear of poison +4 (Lvl:20 125,000gp)
Hide armour: Darkleaf +3 (Lvl:14 21,000gp)
Gloves of piercing (Lvl:3 680gp)
Amulet of health: +3 (Lvl:13 17,000gp)
Cherished Ring (Lvl:14 21,000gp)
Coin bag containing: 243gp, 51sp and 28cp


  1. Kirk's massive generosity continues!

  2. No one else wants the Cherished Ring?


  3. Zavia nabs the spear when nobody is looking, and with some careful spell-work manages to slice it off near the top. What she is left with is a 6" spear point on a 6" handle - i.e, a small Poisoned Dagger. That done she carefully puts it into a side pocket where nobody should find it..