Thursday, September 27, 2012

The scared, scarred boy

Avdimi rolls the magical charm around in his hand.
The strange gnomess gave it to him.
Gave it to him.
Rubbing his itchy scars, he considers this gift.
He’s never had anything that actually belonged to him before. His Gnomish masters have improved his lot and the lot of his fellows but they’re still slaves.
Well treated maybe but certainly not free.
Perhaps this magical device might be the key to his freedom?
Avdimi’s thoughts are arrested though by the arrival of a dozen orcs struggling to deliver a fresh Snowlbear. A replacement for the one that was slaughtered by the adventurers.
‘Over here you little maggot!’ shouts the leader of the orcs.
All of the orcs are connected to the screeching snowlbear by long metal poles with chains wrapping around the creature. Binding its massive arms tightly to its sides.
It’s apparent though, that even twelve full-grown orcs are barely able to contain it.
Hurrying, Avdimi runs around behind it and attaches the sturdy booth chain to the creatures collar. He’s careful not to get too close to the razor sharp beak and, as soon as he’s finished, he scampers backwards and out of danger.
Manning his section of the control booth, he seals his protective door and shouts for the orcs to release the creature.
They do it in unison and scatter out of the way as the ferocious creature shrugs off its bonds.
It makes to go after them but is pulled up short by the chain now securely fastened to its collar.
The creature howls and hoots malevolently but it can’t get away.
It takes a while but slowly Avdimi cranks the monstrous creature back into its new home.
The Snowlbear thrashes and throws itself repeatedly at the unyielding, black metal walls.
The solid booth shakes but holds firm.
'Hush my fellow inmate. Hush now and we shall become friends'...

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