Thursday, July 7, 2011

Additional Treasure of the Vedics

Six magical scrolls from the Library…

1) Water breathing Lvl: 8 680gp
2) Knock Lvl: 4 175gp
3) Raise dead Lvl: 8 680gp
4) Cure disease Lvl: 6 360gp
5) Hallucinatory creature Lvl: 8 2,600gp
6) Magic circle Lvl: 5 250gp

Battle Magic from the Crettin…

Belt of Giant strength Lvl: 15 25,000gp.
(+2 Athletics and strength checks. Daily (free) If hit *add 10 power damage to attack)

Frostwolf pelt +2 Lvl: 9 4,200gp
(+2 Fort, Ref, Will / Resist cold: 5 / Daily: IR. Hit by adjacent enemy: Knock prone)

Cloak of Resistance +1 Lvl: 2 520gp
(Minor Action: 5 resist all until the beginning of next round)

Chainmail +3 Formidable Lvl: 14 21,000gp.
(Daily: Immediate interrupt: Damage becomes minimum.)

Two Maces of Aftershock +1 Lvl: 2 520gp
(+1d6 if criticals and all enemies adjacent to target are knocked prone.)

High Vedic Liebniz worn equipmement…

Black Iron armour +3 (Scale) Lvl: 14 21,000gp
[10 res fire/necrotic]

Poisoned Longsword +3 Lvl: 15 25,000gp
Daily sword: If hit: 10 ongoing poison damage until save.
(+3d6poison on crit)

Bashing shield (Daily… Lvl: 5 1,000gp
if hits: free 1d4 push)

Potion of vitality x1 Lvl: 15 1,000gp

AND The Shield brooch*
(The ‘Robot’ is yours to take if you want it…) Lvl: ?? (??,???)
How much would it be worth and how does it heal?

From the Balcony guards:

Alchemists fire: x5 lvl: 6 75gp
Burst1/Range10/Attack+9vsRef/Dam2d6onhit/1d6on miss

High Vedic Liebniz’ Secret stash…

In the puritan styled room of the High Vedic can be found several magical items.

Potion of healing x12 Lvl: 2 50gp
Potion of vitality x4 Lvl: 15 1000gp
Pure spirit totem +3 Lvl: 15 25,000gp
Alchemist’s acid x 20 Lvl: 6 75gp
Battle standard of might Lvl: 4 840gp
Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor Lvl:15 25,000gp
Darkskull Lvl: 9 4,200gp

There was a lot more stuff, but time constraints and an unwillingness to be derailed, meant that some fairly decent stuff got missed.


  1. Chainmail!! I wants it! What does the ring of the dragonborn emperor do?

  2. Ooh. Lotsa goodies.

    Tempted by the scale mail, the shield, and the dragonborn ring...

  3. As Sven pointed out, I appear to have gone mad in my generosity regarding magical booty.
    I figure 4th edition demands it more than 3.5 did.
    Also: The Shield brooch*
    (The ‘Robot’ is yours to take if you want it…) Lvl: ?? (??,???)
    How much would it be worth and how does it heal?
    All you need for its obedience is to wear the brooch.

  4. Dokan stake his claim on the following :
    Pure Spirit Totem
    Battle Standard of Might
    Potion of Vitality
    Scroll - Cure Disease, Halucinatory Creature
    A share of the healing potions and alchemist acid/fire

    And if no-one wants it I'll carry the broach.

    Contest away ...