Friday, July 8, 2011

Welcome Gnome

Vogir thankfully accepts Petra’s gifts. The boots and amulet are amazing, but the quiver is by far his favorite.
He and his team of six Gnomes had rescued all of the children of the village as well as half a dozen others. They will be welcomed and cared for here, especially considering the amount of treasure they’d managed to take from one of the Sneafang vaults.
Criz and Vin look up at the tallish Vogir with a strange feeling of pride. They knew his Grandfather when they were barely grown and now they’ve helped him save their village again, just as they did a century ago.
Suddenly a call goes up and an alarm bell rings…
A large group of people are heading towards them!
Clambering on top of a large pile of crates and barrels, Vin pulls out a pocket telescope and peers into the distance…
"It’s your friends… And they’ve got about forty Gnomes with them!"
Vogir looks up at the precariously balancing Gnome.
“They’re not my friends. I barely know them other than the Dragon born. Frankly after sharing a couple of adventures with them, I can’t believe they survived.”
Vin prods Vogir in the thigh.
“They didn’t just survive; they seem to have rescued dozens of our people. Perhaps you were wrong about them? Perhaps they were more than just a way of distracting the Vedic forces away from our rescue attempt?”
Already turning to fetch his horse, Vogir mumbles a reply…

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