Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gobble, Gobble, Goblin Christmas Treasure!

As the Party seethes at the unresolved judgment against the crooked magical vendor Rhold, they take solace in dividing up their spoils from their misadventure…

+4 Vicious Backbiter from Rhold. (65,000gp)
(6,500gp to have CURSE removed!)

200gp from Eyulf.

30,000gp from the tribe chieftainness Unreeka.
Ring of Free Movement from the tribe chieftainess Unreeka. (25,000gp)

Frost spear +3 from the tribe chieftain Dovmont. (17,000gp)
Razor Scale armour +3 from the tribe chieftain Dovmont. (13,000gp)
Crown of command from the tribe chieftain Dovmont. (65,000gp)

Short sword of Wounding +3 from the tribe sub chieftain Grundel. (21,000gp)
Dwarven chainmail +2 from the tribe sub chieftain Grundel. (2,600gp)

Rod of first blood +3 from the tribe Hexer Brindor. (17,000gp)
Bloodthread cloth armour +2 from the tribe Hexer Brindor. (5,000gp)

Gauntlets of Destruction from the Bugbear strangler. (85,000gp)

8 x +1 Longbows from the Hobgoblin archers. 360gp each (2,880gp)
8 x +2 Flails from the Hobgoblin soldiers. 1,800gp each (14,400gp)
4 x +2 Morning stars from the Bugbear warriors. 1,800gp each (7,200gp)
5 x +2 Hide armour from the Bugbear warriors: 1,800gp each (9,000gp)

Total value: 372,780gp!


  1. The gauntlets of Destruction are very good. I would like them very much. I don't want anything else.

  2. The Gauntlets of Destruction are very good. I would also like them very much.

    But, as there is some Razor Scale Armour - which I believe only I can use - I'll take that instead and am happy for everyone else argue about the gauntlets!

    How will we split the gold?

  3. Also, I am now encumbered!
    What's the deal wrt selling items? 50% value?

  4. 1/5th. I know, it's shocking!
    It's like they don't want you to sell stuff.

  5. Actually, I now want the short sword too! Darnit.

  6. 1/5th?
    But I'm a highly charismatic and intimidating Dragonborn Warlord. I won't settle for less than 3/5ths...

    Just looked up the crown of command. Hope our resident Paladin sees the sense in taking it. +3 Cha and +2 AC. I'm actually tempted myself...

  7. Who am I to spurn an item that was literally made for me?

    Of course I would like to stake a claim on the crown.
    Would look rather fetching, n'est pas?

  8. It would sit wonderfully upon your horned brow...

  9. Must be a different crown.
    Crown of command which is a 17th level item worth 65,000 gp gives the wearer +4 Intimidate and Diplomacy checks. Not quite so awesome, but still nice.
    I have something in my head slot though - so I'm still happy to negotiate on it

  10. Well, given that I already have some +3 scale (either the Black Iron from the last adventure, or the Razor Armour from this), the +2 for the crown wouldn't stack anyway, I think?

    And I have a head slot item of some sort already too. +1 Int to all allies within 5 squares, I think...

  11. Not 'INT' but rather 'Initiative'.
    That gives Vogir an initiative of +12!

  12. Did Dag take the Gauntlets of Desctruction in the end?