Monday, December 19, 2011


(A few days after the defeat of the sea serpent)

Whist his adventuring companions are drinking and whoring, Vogir seeks out Rhold: the vendor of magics that Dokan had discovered.
Walking into the stone building, Vogir takes in the secure door and guards sitting at the far end of the shop front.
An old and hunched man comes through a side door at the sound of the entrance bell ringing.
“Hello my young sir. How may I help you on this brisk morning?”
Laying both his swords and his leather armour on the counter, Vogir returns the shopkeeper’s smile.
“I’d like you to increase the enchantments in these items. And if possible exchange one of these swords.”
The wrinkly skinned wizard casually examines the items laid before him.
“Hmmn, dark magic.”
Vogir lets his smile drop and leans forward.
“Yes, but can you do it?”
Rhold also leans forward until his face is mere inches away from Vogir’s.
“Not for money, but if you’d run an errand for me….”

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