Monday, December 12, 2011

The real goblin war camp

The whole camp sits within a rough circle of woodland (Half movement).
The inner circle is an incomplete circle made from fifteen foot high stone menhirs.
Each menhir is spaced a couple of feet apart. Too small to squeeze through, but you could fire arrows through the gaps if it weren't for the rush matting strung between each of the stone blocks.
There are five fires burning outside the stone fort. The four big ones are surronded by tall wooden stakes, each one topped by a blackened skull. Most of them human.
Inside the fort are several crude wooden and thatched huts.
There is also an unlit fire.
The strange building in the northern part of the map looks like a huge termite nest. It's well over twenty feet tall, but has only one hacked out doorway.

Green dots are Goblin soldiers.
Cyan dots are Hobgoblin archers.
Magenta dots are the party.

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