Thursday, July 12, 2012

Time of the dragons

Once upon a time, dragons ruled this land. Blue, Red, Silver and gold. Dragons of every colour crowded the skies.
They waged constant war on each other; vying for superiority with no regard to the ‘lesser’ races they shared the world with.
As the battles became fiercer and the conscripted armies became larger, the casualties became worse and worse.
Eventually the greatest wizards and priests of their age, banded together. At the cost of tens of thousands of lives, hundreds of portals were created that sucked the vast majority of the dragons, both good and evil, through them and into a different plane.
The portals were sealed and the few dragons who’d managed to cling on, emerged to find a world no longer quaking under their taloned feet.
Unforeseen by the great wizards and priest though, was the loss of the Dragon-borns. Hundreds of thousands of them were pulled into the plane of dragons.
Not a single one was left behind.

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