Friday, July 27, 2012

The best laid planes of hamsters and gnomes

Date: One year ago (approximately).
Location: Mount Sneafang.

Gerromy read the report with alarm.
‘Thereanthor’s moved one of her children into Khajag?!’
Although young, Gerromy had defeated the arrogant interloper Lucas in the battle for leadership. The young gnomes simply hadn’t trusted the psionic, older gnome and, although still an advisor, he was viewed with suspicion.
‘This is a disaster! The magical messages have been sent out and we’ve no way to recall them.’
Standing up and starting to pace, Gerromy tries to think while his inner circle of advisors look shell-shocked.
‘It’s too late to do anything about it now. It’s just one of several sites and we’ll just have to hope that our protective magics will keep them safe until they can move out’.


  1. Our adventures and campaigns are like recurring nightmares.

    Oh no, not the Vedics! Again!

  2. Recurring characters.
    It's what story telling is all about.
    Did you like the header?