Monday, December 10, 2012

A battle well thought

The Blue prince: Narcissus continues to flap his wings, even as he steadies his breathing. Should he hold his position, high above his aggressors or should he dive into his secure den?
It’s only been a few moments since the attack began but already his personal guard’s been devastated.
Even one of his devils has been dismissed.
Still, his other troops will already be on their way to help.
His troops that are all currently positioned half-a-mile away, spread between all the towers.
It’ll take them too long to get back!
And, if they leave their defensive positions, the advancing orc horde will have an easier time breaching the cities defences.
Now Narcissus understands the mercenaries timing.
They had depended upon his arrogance.
He had allowed them into the heart of his kingdom.
Into his very throne room, while the majority of his soldiers were too far away to defend him.
Clever little monkeys!
With the keen eyes of a flying predator, Narcissus looks down at the mercenaries again.
He sees at least one bow slung over one of their shoulders.
Injured as he is, he can’t risk one or two lucky shots.

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