Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Warfare is based on deception

Standing at the head of his army, Aurelius breaks though the last of the trees and organizes his troops along the dirt road.
Three hundred orcs.
Three hundred fighting orcs!
Ten times the number he’s been used to commanding.
It’s a shockingly large number and he knows that every one of them will give their all in the upcoming battle.
Khajag is still hours away but Aurelius knows that the Blue prince’s dragon-born troops will already be waiting for them. He made no attempt to hide from the ever-present raven familiars circling overhead.
Narcissus will know they’re coming.
That was their primary objective though. To trick Narcissus into posting his forces away from his palace. To deprive the young dragon of support when his chief Orestes strikes.
Noon tomorrow.
Camp is set, fires are made and food is cooked.
No reason for subtlety.
Aurelius can’t rest though. He has struggled for two days to come up with a plan that will enable some of his brave orcs survival.
The battle, though vital, is unwinable.
Three hundred orcs verses at least four times that number of spell-casting Black-cloaks and Dragon-born warriors. And that’s not even including the thousand odd kobold skirmishers.
He does have two advantages though:
The first is that the blue barrier, though impressive, isn’t actually a barrier at all. It may stop living creatures passing through but it does nothing to prevent arrows or bolts.
The second is that although Narcissus’ troops massively outnumber his own, they will have to spread themselves thinly around the whole city.
Advantages true but still not enough to win…

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