Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Horde of the ring

Aurelius: general of Orestes' army, stares blearily at his battle plans. It shows a small city approximately a mile in from the circle of slender towers that surround it.
A ring of death.
The vast majority of Narcissus’ defending forces will be positioned just within this circle of blue light.
If he can get past that first barrier, the city itself will be no obstacle.
But how?
His attention is pulled jarringly from his plans by a young orc guard.
‘Sir, we have some new arrivals.’
The boy looks a bit unnerved but rather than ask him to expand upon his statement, Aurelius, flanked by several of his trusted men, strides past the boy and out of his tent.
It is Aurelius though who is shocked now.
In front of him are hundreds of armed orcs.
Orcs baring the crimson and black tribal markings of the ‘Blood-bottlers’.
Looking around, Aurelius finally finds the broken-tusked, smiling face of Auzoux: Newly crowned chief of his tribe.
‘Auzoux, what are you doing here?’
Auzoux is larger and younger than Aurelius but his intelligence is quite apparent.
‘When we were packing up in preparation to move out, a few of my men noticed your group heading away from the main compound. Away but without your women, children and weak. I confronted the few warriors that you’d left behind and they told me of your plan.’
Aurelius looks up into Auziux’ battle-scarred face but lets the other orc continue talking.
‘I’ve brought about half my force. Three hundred fighting orcs. If you’re going to war, we want in!’
Aurelius can’t help but smile. What seemed like hopeless odds have just changed dramatically.
‘I’m glad that makes you happy, as all the other chiefs are just a few hours behind me. Knut leads over two hundred of his Meat-drippers. Ragnar, from the Flesh-lump-eaters has about the same and Unger was bringing up the rear with a hundred of his Bone-crunchers!’
Aurelius steps forward and grasps Auzoux by the forearm. ‘My friend, you are more than welcome. You are all most welcome. With over a thousand orcs, this battle will go down in history!’


  1. I knew orcs couldn't resist the prospect of assaulting a lootable city.

  2. Did you though?
    Actually, I quite agree...