Thursday, April 28, 2011

Four months ago in Redford

The dark eyed Rafael looks through the bundle of mail in front of him. Though it bores him, his father has allocated this task to him.
Despite the almost complete depletion of his great-grandfather’s riches, Redford still stands prouder than all the surrounding townships and villages. It's population has swelled and a few of the wealthier members of the community contribute generously toward the entire towns anual tithes
Most of the letters are typical tax demands and commerce, but then he gets to an envelope that makes him pause.
It’s addressed to his dead uncle Benedicto, but more interestingly it’s come all the way from Shalalah...
Shalalah from over the sea...
Shalalah… The original home of his family.
Everyone knew that his great-grandfather had left there under a cloud and equally, everyone new that he had left his large family behind.
No one, still alive, knew why though.
Opening the envelope, Rafael finds a note and another letter…
Addressed to his great-grandfather!
Reading the note, Rafael discovers it’s from an aunt he never new he had.
An aunt looking for answers to questions he’s unable to answer.
Reading the letter within, he finds himself as confused as she was.
Standing up, he goes in search of his uncle…

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