Thursday, April 14, 2011

Two years ago today

Slicing open the raggedy envelope, Amaranta scans through the letter.
‘Mendez’? Why is that name so familiar?
It’s obviously the diminutive of her grandfathers name, but it’s more than that...
Hurrying to find her great aunt, she finds Eris sitting in her favourite wicker chair in the jasmin gardens.
Her aged aunt pales when she hears the name.
Due to Aunt Eris’ failing eyesight, Amaranta reads the letter aloud to her.
After she has finished, Amaranta is surprised to see the old lady crying.
“Mendez was one of my older brothers. Your great grandfather tricked his friends into going on a dangerous quest and then rewarded them by killing every one of them. Although just a girl at the time, I’m ashamed to admit that I helped with the attack.”
The old woman pauses for a moment.
“That was the day I died.”
Amaranta’s eyes widen with shock.
“That’s right. I died. Your great grandfather Estaban had me brought back to life, but by then Mendez had gone. I never saw his handsome face again.”
The younger woman can’t help but interrupt.
“What happened to him? Who is Petra?”
"Swearing he’d never return, Mendez sailed across the ocean to the savage lands in the north. Here he raised an army to battle the Dragon whose presence we feel even over here.
Some said he died, but others believed he survived and started a life in a small town called Redford.”

Eris pauses again to wipe a tear from her eye and catch her breath.
“It matters not now though. He was several years older than me and will certainly be dead by now. Help me inside child. I don’t want to be in the sun any longer”.


  1. Was that the girl Bodush killed? Annoyingly, Eolar could still be alive and well if it wasn't for Esteban. Now, what does this mean for us?

  2. Yay! Mendez lives!

    Here's hoping he managed to catch up with Chen.
    Out of the original party he's pretty much the only who could actually live this long naturally...!

  3. Nah, Mendez is dead.
    Telfis also.
    Bodush is dead, though his progeny could probably create a new Half-orc tribe.
    Eolar would have survived if he hadn't of killed Mendez' little sister.
    Durin would have survived if he hadn't killed Mendez' big brother.
    Chen would have been sprightly 'til the end but is also dead.
    I don't know how long Lizard-men live for but Thesis is probably dead.
    Elogyn is dead. (Although I do wonder what became of her.)
    Ragnar is also definitely dead.
    The traitorous Hawkmoon could easily still be alive though.
    Kruddo probably is.
    As is Ned.
    Wer might be too...
    And so might the Kobold Mara'ch.
    (It seems that the overall 3.5 campaign winner was Moritz!)

  4. I still like to believe that Esteban got killed by an army of paladins of St.Cuthbert led by Elogyn to revenge her former master. She then went back to the monastery and continued Eolar's work. So assuming normal reproduction rates, there should be a few hundred clerics with Eolar's mindset by now......

  5. I really liked that monastery.
    Especially the cherry blossom trees on the little islands on the lake beneath the waterfall.
    I also wonder what happened to the 'Monsters-for-good' that guarded the mountain pass...