Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I don’t know, what do you want to do?

Vogir lays in little Jen’s bunk. He’s happy. The happiest he’s been in years.
Looking down at the young woman beside him, he feels a yearning for home and a normal life.
It’s with a bitter tear that he remembers that his home in Redford is but a distant memory. What family remains there are living a very different life to what he had.
The question is what to do now?
Despite numerous conversations, he is still conflicted in regard to the bandit Rob Inwood. Should they go after him and attempt to kill him?
He’s a thorn in the Dragon’s side; true, but he’s also a menace and attracting the wrath of the Black cloaks down upon the innocents…
Sitting up, Vogir decides to discuss it one last time with his monstrous companions.
Little Jen purrs and roles over, exposing her not so little breasts.
Smiling, Vogir leans over her. Conversations can wait until morning.


  1. So let me get that straight: You have a problem when my characters flirt with Vogir, but quite happily sleep with them? I'm sure Freud would have an interest here...... :)

  2. It's only when you speak for them that I have a problem.

  3. See, right now I don't even want to speak as Jen :D