Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Six months ago in Shalalah

Leaving Eris’ funeral service, Amaranta heads back to the old woman’s room.
Clearing up a little, she opens the bedside draw to tidy away the few personal things left on the dresser.
Amaranta stops though when she notices the drawer full of letters. Unable to resist, she takes out the bundle bound with an emerald green bow.
Scanning them hungrily, she realizes that they are all from her infamous uncle Mendez.
Settling down on the luxurious double bed, she begins to read through them.
They speak of his love for his family and of his own life. The raising of an army against the Dragon, the great battle and of his ultimate defeat. They then go on to tell of his resignation to the fate of Fissa and his retreat to first the city of Seawell and then to the small township of Redford. They tell of his love and marriage to a woman called Etta and then of the orphanage, the adoptions and the many children they had together.
The letters span decades but become more and more infrequent. They tell of his mayorship and of his decline.
Finally they stop entirely…
At the bottom of the pile, one envelope remains and Amaranta recognizes it as the letter she’d read to her aunt over a year before.
Without stopping to think, Amaranta scours to letters for an address and the name of Mendez’ oldest son.
Her cousin: Benedicto.
Snatching some paper, an envelope and the quill from the ink bottle still on the dresser, Amaranta seals the letter inside a fresh envelope, addresses it to Benedicto and calls for a servant.
Perhaps Mendez is still alive?
Perhaps he can be the hero one more time?

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