Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A (Brute) Force for Good?

Puffing from the exertion of the battle, Dokan looks around himself. The defending forces are all dead. Even their leader lies dead in the corridor ahead.
He should feel happy, but instead he feels a sinking dread that he’s been responsible for the deaths of scores of mistreated Kobold slaves and worse, the death of a mind-controlled human boy.
Something else as well…
He feels hot and a little giddy.
Meanwhile, Ghanash has busied himself pulling the hoods from the faces of several of the red robed figures. They’re some sort of giant, bipedal rodent…
They’re familiar somehow…
It’s only when he notices the pale and shaven headed child, that his memory serves him.
He’s seen these collars before. Over a year ago, just after he’d met up with the human Vogir.
Opening his mouth to speak, he realises that none of his fellows were with him back then. Adventurers and mercenaries tend not to last too long in this world.
Orestes looks uncomfortable. Although he relishes a fight, possibly a ‘little’ too much, their current path seems certain to draw the attention of all the Vedic’s forces.
They couldn’t have been less subtle even if they’d taken the main entrance…
Could Niema have been captured and given them away?
Still, a fight’s a fight. The worse the odds, the greater the glory!
Rudha-an glances up from his effort to separate the dead boy from one of his pallid ears.
His teammates don’t look happy.
Don’t they realise that the child had gone for him?
In the corridor, Lucas telekinetically drags the body of Pascal back towards the others. The corridor he was in lead to a flight of stairs going up. No rush now though as the Vedic’s surely know they’re coming.


From the Otyugh’s fetid lair:
(The dead from disease and asphyxiation dwarf)

Dwarven greaves Lvl: 7 (2,600)
Holy gauntlets Lvl: 8 (3,400)
Helm of battle Lvl: 9 (4,200)
Battle-axe +3 (Frightful) Lvl: 12 (13,000)
Battle forged plat email +3 Lvl: 15 (25,000)

From the Kobold slave quarters:

Bizarrely nothing.

From Pascal and the Hamstermen/Vedics

9 x Long swords
9 x Crossbows
8 x Chainmail armour
Iron skin belt Lvl: 15 (25,000)
Stoneskin robes +3 Lvl: 13 (17,000)
Potion of healing Lvl: 2 (50)


  1. Regarding the treasure, I would like the Dwarven Greaves if that is possible. I looked at the robe, and the AC +3 is nice, and 10 THP are nice, too, but i guess Hagen would be better served with this robe than me. Also, the belt should go to someone who is usually in the mids of battle, trying to draw the hits.

  2. Interesting that the plate mail has gone down from +3 to +2 - not so much use to me anymore.

    Dokan is currently wearing the armour, greaves and gauntlets.
    He's not particularly attached to any of them really (esp. if armour is +2).
    But Iron Belt? Maybe nice? Don't know what it does though.

  3. Did I say +3?
    Fair enough then...

  4. So now that Niema is gone, the magic floodgates are open??? :D
    8 items and two of them level 15! Blimey! What happened to the I-don't-like-handing-out-magic-Kirk?? Why was this new one not there when I was still around? ;-)

  5. Well I guess the rules have changed. Apparently we NEED them now.
    There were a few nice ones just put in for Niema. We were just too slow.