Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spreading the Red

Another of the Redrobes rushes in to the see the High Vedic.
“We’ve just got word from the inflativator, that a group of people were seen heading toward the abandoned Gnomish village.”
Leibniz shifts in his massive stone chair. Although it resembles a crude throne, he’d never refer to it as such.
“How many were seen Bernoulli? Was it an army?”
“Apparently not, but from where he was, it was hard to tell.”

Scratching his chin, High Vedic Leibniz considers the problem.
“How many troops have you sent out already?”
“About two dozen so far.”
“Send out another group from the hanger to have a scout around and another squad out the top on foot.”

The red robed creature bows and retreats from the room.
“At once sir.”

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