Friday, June 10, 2011

Summon the Crettin!

High Vedic Liebniz is sitting on his stone throne now with his clawed fingers, white with the pressure of his grip on the rough armrests.
He looks up sharply as yet another of his minions rushes in.
“What is it now?” he chitters to his underling.
“There’s been another attack my lord.”

The red robed Vedic shuffles his feet nervously.
“The secondary vault.”
High Vedic Liebniz is on his feet, faster than the messenger can see,
“When? How many guards did they get past?”
“Perhaps less than half an hour ago… They killed the two guards at the vault door.”
“Only two guards? On whose order were these Vedics relocated?”
“On Pascal’s my lord. He needed them to secure the possible entrance points from the cavern below.”
High Vedic Liebniz sits back down to consider.
“Where is Pascal now?”
“Dead sir.”

High Vedic Liebniz sighs…
“Well I suppose that’s punishment enough. Tell me, who have we between us and these various factions of what now appears to be an invasion?”
“Well my lord, we have all of the Vedics stationed in strategically defensible positions, but…”
“But what?”
“Well my lord, these invaders have cut a swath through our ranks. We are not a match for them and they kill everyone they encounter… Even the slave kobolds!”

Sighing again, High Vedic Liebniz comes to a decision.
“In that case Gauss, I think it’s time our idiot earns his keep… And send the remainder of our reserve soldiers to protect the primary vault.”


  1. Could it be Vogir with a controlling torc around his neck? That would explain your questions about new-character allocations ;)
    Why just change character when you can actually kill him off!

  2. Oi! What are you implying?
    I'd never use the same trick... twice in a row.