Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Pauling behavior

While both in awe and frightened of the strange psionic Gnome, Pauling explains what he can of High Vedic Liebniz’ plan.

“A millennium ago, our people were created by the Gnomish elders. A slave race. Our ancestry was certainly lycanthropic, but we were made to be so much more than that. The Gnomish Lords gave us the intelligence to understand their very work. To build it. To maintain it.”
Pauling falls silent for a moment before chittering on.
“But then they disappeared. Our ancestors were too timid and simply failed to seek out the truth. As a race we survived, but little more. Our salvation didn’t come until a little over a century ago. And then by the hands of a band of adventurers much like yourselves.”
The tri-coloured Vedic smiles at the irony.
“The Gnomes we discovered though weren’t the all-powerful race that they once were. They were reduced. Unimpressive. All the old knowledge had been lost to them.”

Lukas can’t help but feel a small measure of sympathy for this prostrate creature. It had been created to fulfill a purpose no longer available to it.
Lukas listens as the creature continues its tale.
“Despite our disappointment, many of us went out into the world to explore its wonders. Many died but we are fast breeders and some of us stayed to guard the wonders of the Elders.
My ancestors.
It was then that the High Vedic: Leibniz came to realize that maintaining what was there wasn’t enough. We had been created for a purpose.
To serve our Gnomish makers.
The answer was so obvious, I’m surprised it took us a hundred years to reach the conclusion.
It has become our mission and our sacred duty to raise the Gnomes to their former glory.
We have the knowledge; all we needed were the Gnomes. A few came willingly. Too few unfortunately. Not enough to make a difference.
We needed more.
We needed a lot more.
We needed them young.”


  1. Lukas looks at Pauling for several moments and strokes his goatee.

    "I hear you, and I understand that your people might have felt abadoned by their makers. But like all good parents, they had to let you go and see if you could stand on your own feet.

    Your quest for purpose is a valiant one, but I fear that your people might lack guidance. You efforts have brought you far, and you have achieved remarkable feats, but you have also strayed from the true gnomen path.

    But do not despair, your prayers for the rise of a new gnomish überrace have been answered, with me. I have been send here to straighten things out, and I have deceided to bring you back into the fold.

    Now, lets just convince your colleagues, and we can begin with The Great Audit. There is a lot of work to do, so we better get started.