Monday, August 8, 2011

Attack of Incompetence

As expected, Team Apocalypse battle furiously and the four Hellrazors are sliced open by swords and scolded by primal spells.
Vorland and Belial frantically try to defend themselves while reviving the already unconscious Azazel and Mastema.
A fortunate miss from Pestilence allows a counter attack that leaves the Shaman leader down…
The four Tieflings laugh in joyous celebration.
‘Now everyone, let’s teleport the fuck out of h….’
Too slow in thought, Famine rushes in and slices Belial, Mastema and Azazel with a truly mountainous attack.
A perfect attack.
Mastema and Azazel are downed and Belial severely wounded.
Through gritted teeth, Belial chokes out ‘Bastard!’.

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