Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Deadly Game of Whack-a-Mole

Thorns flying from War's hands pierced Mastema's and Azazel's body and while Azazel was managing in pain to stay on her feet, Mastema fell into the shallow water unconscious. Azazel was clearly not able to defend herself while under the thorny attack and War looked over to Pestilence with a wide smile. At this moment, a burst originating from Pestilence's totem, hit Azazel setting free a burst of primal energy, filling Pestilence and her eagle spirit with energy.
The body of the second female slumped to the ground.

At the same time, Death turned towards the other devils who started to attack him, vanishing in the process. Swinging his sword angrily he demanded to know where they went. Famine who was temporarily immobilized turned his head to see one of the devils administering a potion to one of the females while the other one ran behind one of the walls. "Are you blind? One of them is just healing the female! Stop him" "What are you talking about?? There is no one!". For lack of a closer target, Death ran towards the female on the ground who indeed seemed to start becoming conscious again. Azazel's moment of consciousness was brutally ended by Death's fullblade who now started to run around the wall to search for the two male devils.

Within the next few moves, the devils seemed to only focus on healing their comrades while Team Apocalypse started to become more annoyed by the second having to play whack-a-mole with teleporting devils. Loosing concentration the inevitable happened. Two of the devils used a miss of Pestilence who failed to take a newly conscious Mastema down again, to focus their attacks on Pestilence almost completely killing her.
While the body of the shaman fell slowly to the ground, the war cry of Famine silenced all other noises on the battlefiled. The warden, assuming his mother to be dead, dodged two devils while building up primal energy. Surrounded by air crackling with the energy of the spirits of thunder, the massive form of the guardian materialised in between the 3 devils standing close together. The broadsword appeared to grow in size while it drew a full circle, hitting all three opponents which were concurrently hit by flashes of lighting emanating from the air around Famine. Two of the devils were knocked off their feet and only Belial who had dealt the blow on Pestilence managed to stay upright.

While Famine slowly turned towards Belial he could feel the blow that Death, now filled with the rage of the Rage Drake, dealt to Vorland. Facing Belial next to him directly, he could sense a fierce boar closing in. "War, leave him to me. As the oldest of us, it is my duty to revenge our mother!"
The grunt he could hear did not sound like agreement.....

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