Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Turning tides

Sprinting forward, the four manic Tieflings fire at the only target they can see. Two accursed crossbow bolts sail toward Pestilences ethereal Spirit Eagle. The first misses by a wide margin but the second passes through it, while releasing its accursed power. The Spirit Eagle is disrupted and disappears. A hundred feet away, Pestilence gasps in pain. Of the others, only the Druid is spotted just as he’s about to duck behind a ruined wall. Mastema fires a reactive shot off, but just misses.
Then the Druid: War turns and smiles.
The four Warlocks frown in response at the realization that they may have just rushed into a trap.
War sends a powerful wave of primal energy at the scantily dressed Tiefling females.
They are both caught, but one only glancingly.
Then the Shaman: Pestilence re-summons her Spirit Eagle and sends it into the still reeling Mastema.
Taking full advantage of their opportunity, they both strike again, leaving Mastema seriously injured.
The remaining two Warlocks: Belial and Vorland realise with an icy trickle of fear down their backs, that the two Human warriors are about to charge from their covered position.
They also realise that a group as organized as the Humans are going to try and take out the weakest of them.
Moving into a better position, the two male Tieflings wait.
Sure enough, Famine: the Human Warden breaks from cover and charges at the injured Mastema.
Belial envelopes him in Witchfire as he passes. This flaming mass, envelopes him and spoils his aim, causing him to falter. Two hits but minor ones. Undeterred he tries again, but, with flame in his eyes, misses with his massive sword.
Death: the Barbarian also rushes forward only to be covered in Witchfire by Vorland. On seeing the effect, he slows down and turns instead toward the two male Tieflings.
Vicious, even in pain, Azazel and Mastema teleport away from the Human Warden and the Spirit Eagle causing them some harm.
Famine in slightly hurt but the Eagle is disrupted again.
Azazel is slowed by War’s early attack, but just manages to blast Pestilence with a minor blow.
Mastema, despite being bloodied, follows her teammate and teleports into the middle of the pond close to War and Pestilence. Once within range, she laughs as she blasts the female Shaman leader of Team Apocalypse...
With a sinking feeling, Mastema watches Pestilence’s smile widen.

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