Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time for Revenge

Last time these evil bastards had knocked him out before he could do anything.
He had underestimated them last time.
Won't happen again.
Time for revenge was near.

He followed Pestilence round the corner. He had no idea where these devils were, but trusted Pestilence's powers. Only few people could keep out of Pestilence's spirit companions' sight.
He was halfway between the two walls when the first crossbow bolt flew past. Pestilence had told them to stay inside the walls until these devils were close enough together to be attacked all at once, but his anger grew too fast.
Enclosing the two devils in golden fairy fire, he could hear Pestilence sigh from near the tree. He just wanted to throw her an apologetic glance when he noticed the eagle already bearing down on one of his targets. These creatures from hell were still far away from the wall in the open, but why should they wait? The devils got lucky the first time, they clearly had the power to crush them wherever they are on the battlefield.

A bit further away, Famine looked through a gap in the wall and could see all four victims clearly. With his left hand he was holding the lions fur surrounding Death's neck, to keep him from running out alone again. After the last two battles, Pestilence had made it quite clear that is was his task to make Death stick to the plan. His knuckles were already white and Death clearly not willing to wait any longer.
He could see the golden light of War's fairy fire and let go of the fur. Seems that it was time and while the fairy fire distracted the two females they might get easy hits on them. He could hear the roar building up behind him and also started running. He was about half way, when something hit him and almost made him miss his hit. He pulled the broadsword out of the female's body and tried to hit again, but some magic distracted him. He could hear Death's broadsword coming down hard on the other female who had killed his brother the last time when suddenly both devils vanished.
Annoyed, he looked around and saw them materialising again near Pestilence. For a second he was shocked and wanted to run to protect his mother, but then he saw the smiles on War's and Pestilence's face. Seems as if they had everything under control.

He turned around and tapped Death on the shoulder who was more than annoyed that his target had just vanished into thin air in front of him and also seemed to ponder whether to come to Pestilence's rescue. When the massive barbarian looked at him he pointed over Death's shoulder where two devils were standing within a few feet of them.
"Pestilence is fine, but can you remember these two? How about we split them evenly"

Before he could finish the last word, Death was already on his way shouting back
"Only if there is something left by the time you are there..."

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