Friday, November 30, 2012

Premature attack? You must be a stupid!

Never in all his thirty years, has anyone had the audacity to strike at him. Other than squabbles with his brother and sister, he’s never been so much as pushed!
Flapping his mighty wings, Narcissus holds himself aloft in the upper area of his domed throne room.
It was difficult to tell at first but it appears to be just the five mercenaries that entered with the orc criminal: Morten’s head.
No support from the human vermin in the hall.
Despite his generous reward, the idiot half-orc attacked him!
Not just attacked him but hurt him. Really hurt him.
In front of his mother!
Down below, he can see his Dragon-born soldiers, his Black-cloaks and even his Devils being beaten.
Without support, they won’t last much longer.
His mother’s magic mirror is currently pointing directly upward and therefore mostly useless…
Still, whenever he blasts the treacherous orc, he seems to receive some sort of backlash.
The tiefling also seems somehow immune to his lightning.
Looking down, Narcissus assesses his current predicament…
The orc warrior is impressive but relies on swords.
The tiefling paladin… Another melee fighter.
The wannabe black cloak monk is irritating but mostly unarmed.
The tall, thin shaman seems lost and confused. Probably the first that will fall.
Finally the tiny Halfling…
What is he doing by his throne?
And could they be connected to the advancing orc horde?
Of course they are…
Powerful and skilled as they are, they must be the leaders!
But why attack before the horde arrived?


  1. You can't add that to the story.
    We waited and waited and waited.
    And were willing to wait more (IN GAME TIME!!! not in the precious could of hours left in REAL TIME!!!)
    Just because you decided that the Dragon picked a fight and wanted to suddenly start some sort of actual role-play after the wasted non-role-play bullshit doesn't make it oK

    Toys. Pram. Thrown.

    Stupid game.

  2. It wasn't my fault that Orestes lost his temper for being called stupid.
    You should have kept your mouths shut and eaten the lady fingers offered to you.

    Actually, this gives you an opportunity to save some or possibly all of Orestes' orc horde!