Monday, February 7, 2011

At Camp

He arrived with the group at the palisade and the wooden gate swung open. Greeting the two guards at the gate and waved to the other 3 on old stone tower.
"Fresh meat?"
He looked up to the guard that had asked the question "Yes, I thought we need more men to carry your lazy ass around these days!"
The only answer was laughter from the tower and they entered the camp. The other members of the group looked around nervously while he lead them towards the main building.
He spotted the man he was looking for: "Rob!". The addressed person stopped and turned around, revealing a face full of scars. "You are back! And I see you found new recruits?" looking at the three younger men who tried to stand at, what he could only guess to be their idea of attention. He smiled at Rob who continued
"Good, good! We lost some of the youngsters because of their foolishness on the last raid. I hope you three do better!" and towards himself "Send them to Hrond, his group just came back and he has some days to train them before his next mission".
"Was he successful?"
"Yes, the Dragon will soon find that one of his outposts is missing some weapons and rations. And is miraculously devoid of his black-cloaked bastards!"
They both started laughing and he urged the three youngsters to follow him when Rob stopped him again.
"Oh, and don't get too cosy here! I need you in RottingHam. Rumour has it that Prince Thronestealer is offering money on our heads. Just want to know whether he finds some bored swashbucklers that are eager enough to die for a pittance. Keep your ears to the ground there!"

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  1. A Brutal bastard.
    I'm liking this 'Rob' more and more!
    Also, the return of the black cloaks.
    Payback time!