Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RIP the Knighty Knights or Death to Team Apocalypse

On the eve of the third and possibly last round of Assif’s and Sven’s Epic battle, the situation is grim…
Both ways…
This has been an amazingly equal battle with the victory easily going either way.
Currently Team Apocalypse are on top, but a quick and hard counter attack from the Knighty Knights could instantly change everything back again.
So far this has been a battle of brute strength rather than subtlety. Perhaps the time for tactics has arrived?


  1. It always was time for tactics!! My tactic was: Come down hard on the paladins while they are close together and then pick out the rangers one by one. Not beautiful, but effective, and still called tactics ;-)

  2. Tactics? Is that a French word?
    What the knights really need is a player in charge that has a memory!
    I have not managed to use my extra attacks and AP
    And it may already be too late.
    Roll on tomorrow!