Thursday, February 3, 2011

Titan Bound

This time fate was averted. The terrible demi-god of the mountain, earth titan Stonefang is bound to the very depths of the mountain by the most powerful of magics wielded by the priests of two gods. His rumbling would subside and his binding would be forever watched over by the Shadowed Chain clan.

Thane Harvak is extremely grateful for all the adventurers have done and offers to take them back to his city Gilderock in the hills beyond the citadel. The adventurers remind him that payment is also due from Rangrim son of Prince Thorvil and possibly even the Lord and Lady Sevryn, whose town of Timbervale would soon return to prosperity following the re-opening of the pass.

Harvak graciously offers to honor Rangrim's promise in his stead and suggests that if they come with him to Gilderock, he would double it to make up for the adventurers not being able to return to Timbervale.

While this sounds excellent to the party, partly due to the extra money, but also due to the prospect of more adventure at the other side of the pass, there is more than a tinge of oddness to the request. Why not just let them go back to Timbervale to see Rangrim and then come back to see the Thane at Gilderock? Why offer more than needed - surely dwarves are known for their thrifty-ness?

However, the prospect of money and adventure lures the adventuring party much as an orc is drawn to filth, and they can't help themselves but to say yes. But the Thane is not finished. He begins to talk of their brave deeds and how they will always be grateful to them. He recalls how so many died, and that it would all be in vain if Stonefang were ever to be released again.

He then presses the party never to talk of what happened here and to keep the Shadowed Chain's existence secret so that they may continue their most important duty. To convince them further and to seal the bond he gives them an amulet which he says would protect the wearer from harm (Amulet of Health +2, Fort, Ref, Will, resist 5 poison) along with a potion which he says is a most powerful curative (Potion of Healing).

When they reach Gilderock, they receive their reward (800gp) but they are suspicious of the Thane and his motives against Rangrim and his father the Prince.

On to you Sven!


  1. The resurgence of the Dwarvern civil war isn’t my concern. In hindsight I think the Stone Titan would have made a useful difficulty against the Dragon.
    ... Vogir makes a mental note, how easy it was for Rudha-an to remove the titan’s eye from it’s binding place.
    Taking the gold and dividing it out equally, everyone gets 160gp. (Bayern has conveniently disappeared back to his own people.)
    Orestes and Rudha-an recently acquired some magical items. Has Ghanash? Vogir offers him the magical amulet and the potion to the demoness Niema.
    Smiling though Vogir pockets Rangrim’s ruby ring.
    (How much is it worth?)

  2. Ghanash got some boots during the last adventure, so maybe we should do another ruond of adding up magic item levels to see who has the least again now.

    Seems like a fair way of dealing with it, especially as the amulet would be pretty useful to everyone...

  3. I figure Ghanash is the only character capable of healing now, so we need him to stay on his feet.

  4. Where does the ruby ring come from?
    Niema looks at the amulet and than at the safewing amulet she got from Rudha-an and decided that although the new amulet is a bit more intricately worked, the color of the other one brings out the colour of her hair a bit more. She thanks Vogir for the potion.