Thursday, February 3, 2011

No-vice is a good thing

Watching the demoness: Niema, Vogir chews his bottom lip.
A whispered voice behind suddenly speaks; ‘There’s no need to be afraid you know.’
Vogir spins around but sees nothing.
‘Daelagor? Is that you?’
‘The Tiefling whore is nothing, but you… You are destined for greatness.’
Vogir’s face settles back into its usual grimace.
‘I hadn’t realised that my change of pact would involve your constant nagging.’
‘Don’t be like that Human. I come baring gifts. My superiors think you’re ready for another boon.’
Vogir doesn’t get a chance to respond before he feels a rush of power flowing into him.
‘Use it well Human. but don’t lose track of your purpose.’

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