Wednesday, February 9, 2011

When you prefer to face the wrath of the dragon...

Waking up with a massive headache he opened his eyes and slowly looked around. He identified the structure ahead as the ceiling of the Castle Inn. Every inch of his body was aching. His hand went up to his left eye which seemed to be swollen and must have taken a massive hit. Darah, the innkeepers daughter, just went past his head and a whistle made it past his lips when he realized the advantages of lying on your back while girls wear wide, long skirts. He immediately regretted it when the boot made it into his already cracked rips.
"Get up you bastard and better run before I report you to the guards!"
"Hey, hey, why so harsh? We just beat the shit out of these monsters and kicked them out of the bar before they could come onto you and I think I deserve a bit of pleasurable repayment for that!"
"Do you? DO YOU?? For kicking out customers who just sat down and wanted to continue having a good night?"
He gave her a confused look and lifted his head. Bodies were lying everywhere on the floor and over the tables. He could spot the unconscious faces of his buddies next to him.
"What in Belial's name happened??"
"Well, maybe it was the beer fumes from the tab behind the bar, but from there it looked pretty much like three guys walked in, a fight broke when one of the guys threw a table at you, and then the three beat the shit out of all you thugs in the bar without breaking much sweat. They then sat down and wanted some beer and ... let me think ... ah, yes: I kicked them out to clean up the mess you've made!"
The big guy tried to think hard if he could remember any of this. There must have been nearly 30 of them when the fight started and the newcomers were unarmed.
"They must have used magic! They truly are monsters!!"
"Ahhh, yes! Of course! How could I forget the magic bottles and chair legs they had! You are right! Evil bastards! You had no chance with the daggers you'd smuggled in! Now get the hell out of my pub and take your idiot friends with you, or the Dragon will seem like a nice guy in comparison to me!"

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