Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Don’t call it a comeback

After taking a prolonged kicking from the various shaped feet of the angels, the Revengers staged a fight back…
Of sorts.
Rip stubbornly refused to fall down and although unable to land a blow against his tormentors, he did manage to escape their clutches and break for cover.
Then a well co-ordinated attack from Belial and Twinkle finally got the Minotaur Michael down…
For a couple of seconds.
Despite being quickly healed by his team-mates though, Michael was still unable to sustain his protective zone.

So five sessions in and all the combatants are amazingly still alive.
From Manus Arcangelus: Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael have used their Action points.
From the Revengers: Twinkle and Rip also have. Rip has also used his Second wind.
The real differnce though, is that the Angels have used their extra actions aggressively and the Revengers have used theirs to flee.
Aside from the various Marks, Buffs and Debuffs though, the only predicament worth mentioning is that the Minotaur Michael is Dazed and prone.

Session six will start tonight at 9pm.

The map shows everyone visible to both teams. Rip and Belial are somewhere South of their own team-mates.

Feel free to join us over maptools or (for Sven only) Skype.

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  1. Yes, the devil guys start fleeing! Whimps! Cowards! Girls!