Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Locking horns with the devil

The Angelic Dragon-born Raphael slashes his exact opponent to the bone. It would have been a finishing blow if not for Porkins’ divine magic reducing Raphael’s strength and bolstering Rip’s resistance. Frustrated but wise, Raphael looks to see two of his teammates wounded. Considering the look on Belial’s demonic face, the Paladin decides that Gabriel is in the greatest danger and risks a blow from the shaken Rip as he rushes to her aid. Unsurprisingly, the heavily bloodied Rip misses by a good yard. Laying his holy hands on his beautiful associate, Gabriel smiles benignly up at him. Belial spits. He’d wanted to kill the angelic bitch since he’d first laid his eyes on her. Should he still attack her? It would feel soooo good… He licks his lips… But that was the mistake he’d made before. Better think smarter… Glancing around Belial spies the Minotaur Michael. The wounded Minotaur Michael. From his protected position, Belial sends a burst of Eldritch energy, bolstered by his warlock’s curse AND the black wraith of hell, at the cocky quadruped. For the second time in this battle, the Minotaur falls and Belial can feel the dark powers engulf him. They could carry him in any direction but Belial feels his hatred pull him to the Minotaur’s side. Despite Gabriel being his desired prize, it’s too good an opportunity to miss. Jamming his magical rod into the unconscious creatures side, Belial administers a powerful coup de grace. Belial smiles as the stench of death emanates from Michael’s massive carcass. Porkins, although surprised by this sudden turn-around, takes the opportunity to heal Twinkle and Rip. Neither are fully restored though; Rip is still bloodied and badly wounded, but they are both able to continue the fight. Gabriel though seems enraged. She targets the hapless Rip again and wounds him terribly. Somehow though he remains on his feet. Rip has never loved anyone aside from his elven bride as much as he loves the dwarf Porkins right now. Twinkle knows nothing of this though from her prone position within the stone ruin. Still badly injured, she rolls to her feet and rushes north, hopefully out of danger. Her fingers pulling her sole potion of healing from her belt pouch. Uriel, also outraged by Michael’s death and Rip’s unwillingness to fall down, sends his flaming angel to finish him off. The divine creature does as he’s ordered perfectly. The critical blow sublime… The stubborn dragon-born Rip finally goes down. Raphael senses the battle shift his way again and gambles that the dwarf cleric is out of healing powers. He rushes the laughing Belial and injures him despite the weakness inflicted upon him and the protections placed on Belial. It’s not enough to drop him though. Belial responds like the brave hero he is and teleports away, leaving a zone of immobilizing cold in his wake. Both Raphael and Uriel are caught within it. Appearing instantly beside the fretting Porkins and the downed Rip, Belial looks to the dwarf for help and the cleric does not let him down. Raphael was wrong, Porkins has one last ‘regular’ healing spell to use and he uses it to seal the worst of Rip’s wounds. Blinking through the brimstone, Rip shakes his head and roars.


  1. Counter attack's are a bitch baby!

  2. Well done, Kirk! Good to hear Porkins is being put to good use!

  3. Well done, Kirk! Good to hear Porkins is being put to good use!

  4. Porkins is, without doubt, the star player of my team. He's bolstered everyones AC, given them resistance AND healed them repeatedly.
    He's even managed to neuter Sven's Paladin.
    All-round awesome!
    (Unfortunately he's pretty much out of useful healing powers now and Sven's Angels are only down one team member.