Thursday, April 26, 2012

One out of three ain't bad

Regardless of the Revenger’s victory, this ‘Epic battle’ was much closer than I’d care to admit. This can be shown by the length of the battle (Approximately fifteen rounds) and by the pitiful level of reserves the Revengers had left. I can’t speak for Manus Arcangelus but all four of my combatants were down to just At-wills. I’d even used one of my ‘Second winds’ and was out of all but one (heavily restricted magical item) healing power. What sealed the victory for me though, was surprisingly Porkins, my cleric. 'Moment of Glory' gave everyone in my team 5 resistance and the 'Spirit of healing' repaired any damage that got through. Both awesome cleric powers and almost certainly both 'broken' and overpowered. So Sven and I finished this battle tied at 'one game each' and the single draw. A pretty fair overall result, as I sacrificed several of my remaining brain cells creating the team AND trying to keep track of what they could do round to round. Playing a group of four identical Tiefling warlocks was MUCH easier! :S Also in regard to how much damage Sven did to my team... Belial used his 'Armour of Agathys' which granted him 14 THPs, regenerated 2HPs per round and used a potion of healing. Twinkle used her ‘Healing herbs’ and her potion of healing. Rip used his ‘Second wind’, his 4 (Devoted Paladin) Lay on hands on himself and Twinkle, his Dwarven plate free healing surge, his ‘Virtue’ power that granted him 16THPs AND ‘Righteous smite’ which gave everyone an additional 9THPs! Porkins (my pacifist healer) used ‘Healer’s mercy’ on Rip and Twinkle, 2 ‘Healing words’ on Rip, ‘Barronar’s salve’ on Twinkle and kept the ‘Spirit of healing’ going at a cost of a constant sustain. All in all (excluding the regeneration and constant flow of healing from the ‘Spirit of healing’) My team went through 17ish healing surge powers, averaging a use of more than one healing power per combat round! Ultimately though (as Sven said to me) I can finally claim a victory over our overseas german friend! :P

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