Thursday, April 26, 2012

When Angels fall

Furious from the loss of their leader, the remaining angels rush forward to get revenge the resilient Dragon-born Revenger. More blows rain down upon him and although wounded again and again, his dwarven cleric’s divine magic keeps him from unconsciousness. Porkins can do little but move to support his Paladin teammate but the tiefling Belial blasts Eldritch flame at the Dragon-born angel: Raphael. Even the Elf Twinkle finishes fleeing north and turns and fires several arrows into the fray at her oath enemy: Gabriel. The combat is thick and fast but at the epicenter or all of this is the healing spirit conjured by the cleric Porkins at the very beginning of the encounter. The almost constantly bloodied Rip, heaves himself to his feet. His scales torn and stained red from his own blood. Still, he’s fulfilled his purpose; he’s kept his teammates safe and he’s willing to die to allow them victory. Using the last of his holy might, he lashes out at the flaming angel beside him while simultaneously lending holy protection to Belial and Porkins. He hits and hurts the angel and so the spirit of healing magically binds his leaking wounds. Spurred on by this wave of rapture, Rip releases his flaming breath at Raphael and Uriel. Both hit and Rip is restored still further. It’s then when Belial notes the fear in the remaining angels faces. They’ve allowed themselves to be drawn into Porkins' zone. As long as the Revengers can attack, they will be miraculously and constantly healed. Still though, team Manus Arcangelus press their attack. It’s only when the Deva Gabriel is felled by one of Twinkle’s arrows and quickly finished off by the dancing Belial, that the remaining four angels finally admit defeat.

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