Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Red assistance

Intelligent enough to understand the price to be paid, Thereanthor accepts the ‘assistance’ of the red skinned, devil Zartak.
After a month of organization the Black cloaks try again to breach the barrier from their side.
This time though, forces on Fissa work against them.
Armies of orcs led by mysterious leaders attack the mountain stronghold.
The shadowy Grey elves of the surrounding forests, harry them constantly.
The Black cloaks were forced to hire mercenaries to protect them. Tough but naïve adventurers.
These adventurers kept the Black cloaks safe and slaughtered hundreds of the strangely well-organised orc legions.
Still they came though.
There were thousands of them, supported by the arrows of the Grey elves and the aerial support of well-trained, giant eagles.
The magical barriers were about to fail but still the hired mercenaries held their ground.
The ceremony was ready.
A split in the fabric of reality appeared and widened.
Thereanthor sensing the rift, poured her primordial power into it. Pushing it further. Stretching it ever wider.
She could see her way through but the window was still too fragile. Still too small.
With a psychic message to Zartak, the once-prince of the underworld exploits the damage already done and struck at the barrier between worlds with his diabolic energy.
Under this triple assault, the barrier cracked.
Both Dragon and Devil seized their opportunity and slipped through the gap between worlds. 

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