Friday, July 20, 2012

Impossible theft

Her male consort is given lands in the western regions of her empire and dismissed until such time as the blue empress need him again. Thereanthor then retreats deep into her cavernous stronghold to protect her hatchlings.
She leaves the day to day running of her empire in the sycophantic hands of her head Black cloaks, while she nurtures her four tiny progeny.
The massive dragon though, still relies on a special cadre of nursing Black cloaks.
Four female sorcerers to look after the needs of the wyrmlings.
After a few months, Thereanthor returns to her throne. She visits the nursery daily but leaves the four tiny dragons care to the four sorceress nurses.
Then one day, despite all of her guards and protection, one of the infant dragons disappears, along with her nurse.
Theranthor was distraught. Many of the Black cloaks and dragon-borns were killed in her fury but the missing wyrmling was not to be found.
Not until several years later.

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