Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The blue prince

It was an unheard of plan for a dragon. Dragons were an independent species that considered their children to be self-reliant as soon as they reached young adulthood.
To set them up within your own territory and to encourage them to build themselves a stronghold?
This was something new.
Thereanthor was aware that one day these children would be forced by their very nature to battle each other and eventually even her for supremacy.
Still, by then she’d probably have reached her twilight years.
Ultimately though, Fissa was hers and after all her struggles, even after her death, Thereanthor was determined to keep it in the family.
Her ‘lost’ daughter Sybille was safe in Fewham. A princess waited upon hand and foot. Thereanthor had recently even managed to send a message to her despite the wards and protection spells placed over her.
It was time they reconnected; especially now that she was letting her other children spread their wings.
Her other daughter, Uwibami was sent far north.
Her largest son, Yddraig to the south.
And Narsiss, her handsome but conceited son, was sent to Khajag.
Khajag is a diamond-mining town. Profitable but unfortunately close to his cosseted, human raised sister.