Friday, September 14, 2012

Another fine moss you’ve gotten yourselves into

Standing in the smoldering mess of blackened moss and trees, the adventurers look around at each other.
Dokan recognises Orestes but no one else. Who are the others? Some of them look familiar but he can’t place them.
Something’s definitely wrong here but he can’t discern what it is and so keeps his sword held ready.
The monk: Indigo is less affected but still, slightly disorientated.
Only Zavia and Orestes feel that they are mentally unaffected by the strange plant creature.
They were, unfortunately, too slow to prevent he halfling and the half-orc from fleeing into the surrounding forest.
Perhaps affected by the heat from the flaming oil, the eerie, white mist covering the ground seems to momentarily dissipate.
Several corpses are revealed. Orc-hunting mercenaries by the look of their equipment. They can’t have been dead for more than a few months as they aren't completely covered in the strange moss that seems to be everywhere in this part of the forest.
After a few minutes of mutual reassurance, the four adventures cautiously help themselves to whatever they can find.
Watching from his hiding place, Charlie Stilton wonders who everyone is, how he got there and, most importantly, how he can get his hands on that stuff.
Piggog the orc though, continues to run from the chaotic encounter. Whoever those strange people were, they were no help to him and his quest to rejoin his ancient tribe: The Bone crunchers!

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