Friday, September 14, 2012

Easy-picking the bones clean

The dead moss creature obviously cared nothing for gold and magic, as it all lies scattered around the bodies of its previous victims. Most of them had little of interest but a few of the mercenaries were powerful enough to have equipped themselves with powerful magics.

After about an hour of searching the rotting corpses, the party find:

(EDITED -  to show who has taken what so far)
1) Ghost phase cloth armour +3 (lvl:14 (21,000gp)
2) Orb of Indisputable gravity +4 (lvl:17 65,000gp) - Charlie Stilton?? Only any use to Arcane class.
3) Shield of Defiance (lvl:18 85,000gp) 
4) Winged boots (lvl:13 17,000gp) - Dokan
5) Rogues gloves (lvl:12 13,000gp)
6) Two Ritual candles (lvl:11 9,000gp each)
7) Four Potions of Vitality (1000gp each) - Dokan, Orestes, Charlie, Indigo 1 each (Zavia extra Jolt Flask)
8) Alchemical silver (lvl:15 (1000gp) - Dokan
9) Anti-venom (lvl:21 9,000gp) - Charlie Stilton
10) Jolt flask x 12 (lvl:15 1,000gp each) - Dokan (2), Charlie (2), Orestes (2), Indigo (2), Zavia (3)
11) Giant dodger leather armour +4 (lvl:18 85,000gp) - Charlie Stilton
12) Verve scale armour +3 (lvel:14 21,000gp)
13) Pinning long sword +4 (lvl:17 65,000gp) - Orestes
Gold: 349
Silver: 186
Diamonds: 189 (worth 50gp each)
68gp, 37sp, 37 (50gp) diamonds each
(remainder 9gp 1 sp 4 diamonds)

We will put the rest up for sale unless anyone wants them.


  1. The Orb Sounds Interesting...
    As does the giant dodger leather armour...

  2. Take what you want (from both treasure lists) but mention it on the website.
    I HATE it when one magical item is taken multiple times.

  3. I'll take the winged boots and the shield of defiance if that's OK.
    Also a share of the Jolt flasks and potions of vitality would be handy.

  4. OK. Unless there's any arguments, Charlie will blag:

    Orb of Indisputable Gravity (I have no idea what it does, but it sounds cool)
    Giant Dodging leather armour.
    2 Jolt Flasks
    and the Ring of Protection from the last encounter.

    Charlie thanks the corpses:
    "Nice one, geezer. Much obliged."

  5. I think the orb of indisputible gravity (or indeed any implement) is only of any use to an Arcane class which can use them for their spells:
    "If you are a member of a class that can use an orb as
    an implement, you can apply the enhancement bonus
    of an orb to the attack rolls and the damage rolls of any
    of your powers from that class that have the implement
    keyword, and you can use an orb’s properties and
    powers. Members of other classes gain no benefit from
    wielding an orb"

  6. I suggest Charlie takes the Rogues gloves instead (unless he already has a pair)

  7. Charlies has the bestest gloves in the world already (part of a complete set!).
    I'll take the anti-venom instead if you like...

  8. I still don't understand why magical items only sell for 1/12 their listed value...
    Anything you sell will be for roughly half price.
    Slightly more or less, depending on the location of the sale and the glibness of the seller.